Website went online on 21st of january, 2015 and it has become one of the most visited and most relevant news portals in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What differs form competition is relying on its own sources and exclusive informations, suited to adult readers. With that its ensured that there is no sensationalism and quality of content. 

Most of the visitors are people between 18 and 65 years old, the working class.

Magazine "Stav" is oriented towards more educated audience. Although editorial policies were always suited for all ages, due to complexity of content, actual audience is 30+ years old.

"Stav" is designed with a lot of topics covered and is made to be diverse so it covers everything from political to cultural topics and everything in between.

The important thing to note is that "Stav" is always revealing positive aspects of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with focus on domestic successes both in professional and personal lifes of people, here and abroad. 

Simurg Media d.o.o. is media company founded in 2014 in Sarajevo. Medias that are under this company are news website, and weekly magazine and website

Simurg Media d.o.o. is also a publisher of multiple books written by awarded domestic writers.